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Cisco Catalyst Express 500 Series switches deliver Cisco class networking tailored for businesses with up to 250 employees. Powered by Cisco Systems technology, this family of Layer 2-managed Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet switches offers nonblocking, wire-speed performance that provides a secure network foundation optimized for data, wireless, and voice. Built-in advanced security features help ensure that your devices and network are protected.

The intuitive GUI simplifies setting up, running, and troubleshooting a network. Embedded Cisco Smartports with preset Cisco recommended network configurations, quality of service (QoS), security, and multicast settings allow for transparent integration of data, video, IP Communications, and wireless LAN applications. With Cisco Smartports technology, mission-critical traffic is prioritized; voice conversations are clear; bandwidth-intensive video traffic does not impact other applications on the network—and your wireless network is secure. Integrated intelligence within the switch helps you detect device and network problems before they impact your business.

You can manage each switch with the embedded GUI device manager, or manage your network with Cisco Network Assistant, an advanced PC-based network management application. Cisco Network Assistant offers centralized management and configuration of Cisco switches and other Cisco devices such as routers and wireless access points. With Cisco Network Assistant, in addition to configuring multiple switches at a time, you can configure Cisco wireless access points, and invoke the device manager on Cisco routers and access points. Software upgrades on Cisco switches, routers, and wireless access points are as easy as a drag-and-drop process.

The Cisco Catalyst Express 500 Series switches also offer Power over Ethernet (PoE), reducing the cost and complexity of IP Communications and wireless LAN deployments. PoE is an advanced technology that allows a switch to supply power and provide Ethernet connectivity at the same time over Category 5 cable to inline power devices, such as wireless access points, closed-circuit TV cameras, and IP phones. The PoE ports eliminate the cost and complexity of running additional power outlets or cables to inline power devices.

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