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Businesses are rapidly moving workloads to the cloud to maximize the advantage of virtualization benefits – and, this is why they need firewall solutions to keep network the security levels high.

The cybercriminals are more likely to target businesses as they get great traffic, handle payment info, and collect tons of important data of users. Thus, every organization should have a cybersecurity system.

Fortinet Firewall Pakistan

Fortinet security solutions are specifically designed to provide premium security for the most critical workloads and sensitive data.

The next-generation Fortinet firewall solution can keep your data secure against a number of security threats, which includes: Phishing / Social Engineering schemes, Malware, Spyware (Grayware), Blended network attacks, Pharming attacks, Intrusions, Peer-to-Peer networks, Instant messaging viruses, and Email.

From enterprise and mid-size businesses to small businesses to service providers to others, Fortinet has designed solutions for every industry and business. Fortinet firewall price in Pakistan may differ as per your business requirement. But, the best part is, all of their physical and virtualized security solutions are affordable.

Features and Benefits of Fortinet Firewall

  • High-performance threat protection
  • Security Fabric Integration
  • Validated security effectiveness
  • Enterprise class security management
  • Risk management through continuous automation, and etc.

Sophos Firewall Pakistan

Sophos Firewall is a robust cyber-security solution with user friendly interface. It allows organizations to manage and see its network security status in one place. Sophos Firewall is easy to set up and manage.

Its strong security system urgently blocks unknown threats; exposes hidden application, users, and threat risks on the network; and by isolating compromised systems it automatically responds to security incidents.

The in-depth reports on users’ activities make this solution stand out amongst other firewall solutions. Sophos Firewall provides application control, email protection, web protection, next generation firewall protection, sandboxing protection, and web server protection.

When it comes to Sophos Firewall price in Pakistan, we must say that all the internet security appliances of this brand are worth the price tag.

Benefits of Sophos Firewall:

  • Expose hidden risks, such as: suspicious traffic, risky activity, and others.
  • Stop unknown threats
  • Detach infected systems
  • Monitor network health, and etc.

Sonicwall Firewall Pakistan

Sonicwall Firewall provides an efficient security against encrypted viruses and threats. The network security solution has a set of brilliantly designed features that include content filtering, failover with multiple devices, load balancing, virus protection, and a variety of other security services.

This network security brand is hugely known for its best and knowledgeable 24/7 support.

Sonicwall firewall price in Pakistan depends on the hardware unit, length of subscription, licensing type, extra services, company scale, and distributor.

Barracuda Firewall Pakistan

Barracuda Network Security has a great variety of Firewalls, Internet Security, Application Delivery and Data Protection solutions. Their cyber-security solution let you expand your control over IT and keep your business safe from cyber attacks.

The Barracuda Firewall price in Pakistan varies from product to product. However, each product belong to this brand comes handy and works exceptionally.



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